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When running a restaurant business, installing a professional management software solution will go a long way in ensuring that business profits are increased and operations are managed efficiently.

For a restaurant, the installation of a point of sale solution will ensure that the turnaround time in processing customer orders is greatly reduced. This is an important factor in any service industry since less time is used to process more customer orders.

A windows based restaurant management solution such as SUPERPOS will ensure that once a customer has placed an order at the till, the software is able to relay the order to the kitchen or relevant production centres on screens where it is acted upon immediately.

Restaurant software can improve in the management of the waiters or staff. Each waiter is able to view in an instant, tables available, tables reserved, progress of orders to tables and how many tables they have served in a normal working shift. The waiters performance is measured against a set standard and any under performance with regards to the number of guests served can be investigated and corrective measures taken immediately.

Hospitality management software will also aid in the management of inventory levels and stock movement. Once food sales are made at the till, the stock amount is decreased accordingly and whenever re-order levels are attained, the software will automatically alert the manager or relevant staff via SMS, email or operator till prompts.

Anytime during the day the software has the ability to generate multiple reports covering everything from sales, stock in, stock out, best and worst sellers. This can be used by management to forecast sales and turnover. Knowing which items are the fastest moving items, which items are not selling and to adjust re-order levels accordingly.

When stock is entered and movement monitored, there will be less shrinkage of stock and this enables the restaurant to provide a fully stocked restaurant menu list for its clientele.

A management system goes a long way in helping to manage the accounts of the restaurant and determining profitability. The cost of stock is ascertained and keyed in on purchase. 

On sale, the service fee and mark-up are added to the products served. As a result, it is easy for the restaurant manager to identify which products have greater profit margins. These products can be targeted and promoted to customers as opposed to low margin products. It is also correct to say that the restaurant management software will increase accuracy when billing.

Each menu and service item has a code that has all details including price. Once it is keyed in, then the correct price is charged as compared to manual entry of prices where errors may occur on billing.

SUPERPOS restaurant software allows payment by credit card, paypal, cash, gift cards and vouchers to meet the needs of different types of paying customers, from here the restaurant retains the names and addresses of frequent and loyal customers and can use this list as a target for advertising offers and new promotions.

The installation of restaurant pos software can be costly and needs specific consideration from one business to another but the long term benefits of acquiring a quality solution can far outweigh the cost.

If you have considered or looking to purchase a restaurant, hotel or retail business software, we can help!

Softtec are currently offering a range of professional  software covering, restaurant, hotel and retail, for business owners looking for a complete end to end software solution

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